We use high-speed precision lamination machines to guarantee that your product looks and stays in great condition. It’s just one step in the process, but we believe that it contributes to the lasting quality of your product, especially with printed labels.

Laminating Equipment

  • 1 Automatan 3710 - Small format Laminator, board-to-board (28" x 40")
    • Full coverage and/or pattern glue application
    • Standard materials: .007" to .033" caliper (thicker caliper materials require testing)
    • Two sheets of same or different caliper, plain or printed
    • Front to back registration tolerance is +/- 1/32"
  • 1 Automatan 4260 - Large format Laminator, paper-to-board (40" x 60")
    • Full coverage glue application only
    • In-line slitting capability, one or two slits
    • Single or double-sided mounting
    • Registration tolerance is +/- 1/32"