Case Study 1: The Opportunity

Trivial Pursuit


When Paul May, production director of USAopoly, had an opportunity to produce a new game, TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: The Beatles Collector’s Edition, he knew exactly who to turn to for contract manufacturing. USAopoly is a 15-year-old game development company licensed to create unique, custom versions of well-known games. May and his company have worked with 360° Manufacturing Services for the past 10 years. "Our games are distributed through specialty channels, so we’re not competing with Hasbro’s products", May explained.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: The Beatles Collector’s Edition consists of a rigid set-up box package, quad-folded game board, 432 4-color trivia cards with aqueous coating, custom die, 6 plastic card storage boxes, 6 colored track pawns; and 6 traditional scoring pieces with scoring wedges. 360° made it easy to jumpstart the workflow, quickly processing the artwork and utilizing existing tooling - a huge cost savings.


For TRIVIAL PURSUIT: The Beatles Collector’s Edition, May knew that he could count on lightening-fast turnaround, about 8-35 days from order to delivery. "This was a critical product for us, and 360° came through, at one point printing 76,000 games in one week!" USAopoly likes to keep tight inventory, and 360°’s speed to market is key to lowering their financial risk. "We were able to see this opportunity, jump on it, and ship our product fast", May said. "And, I have a comfort level knowing that safety and quality are always a priority at 360°. They are really at the forefront of manufacturing technology."

360° Manufacturing Services worked with USAopoly to prioritize their new game, coordinating the production of all the game’s complex parts under one roof, as well as suggesting cost-savings strategies. "They were willing to pull out all the stops for us", May said. "360°’s hands-on, personal approach has really made the relationship."


TRIVIAL PURSUIT: The Beatles Collector’s Edition sold out at Christmas 2009, and because of the fast turnaround, USAopoly was able to maximize the upside of this hugely popular item for January orders. May likes that 360° treats USAopoly as a viable partner and provides a personal touch.